The National Library of Latvia is not just a book depository; it is a multi-functional centre, where users are able to find the information they need, learn new things, visit exhibits, hold conferences and seminars, and spend their free time in a practical and creative way. We believe that the National Library of Latvia - our Castle of Light will become the symbol of education and culture in Latvia – and perhaps even the symbol of Latvia all over the world – for many generations to come.

Our National Library needs the support of the entire community. That is why we invite all citizens and businesses to donate to the Library. Each donor’s name will be immortalized in the new Castle of Light.

Depending on the size of the donation, the name of every donor will be honoured in the interior of the Castle of Light: 

Starting from EUR 15

The donor’s name will be entered in a special book

EUR 450

The donor’s name will appear on a chair plaque in a public reading room

EUR 700

The donor will be identified on a table plaque in a reading room

EUR 1500

The donor’s name will appear on a shelf plaque in a reading room

Starting from EUR 5000

The donor’s name will be displayed on a large wall plaque in the atrium

Starting from 70,000 EUR or 1400 EUR per sq. m.

The donor’s  name will be displayed in one of the library’s auditoria  or reading rooms.


There are following opportunities to immortalize your name on the Donators wall:

Category I - Donation: 5000 - 9999,99 EUR - size of the plaque: 25 x 8 cm

Category II - Donation: 10 000 - 19 999,99 EUR - size of the plaque: 50 x 8 cm

Category III - Donation: 20 000 – 29 999,99  EUR - size of the plaque: 50 x 16 cm

Category IV - Donation: 30 000- 54 999,99 EUR - size of the plaque: 76 x 16 cm

Category V - Donation: 55 000 – 69 999,99 EUR -  size of the plaque 100 x 25 cm

Category VI - Donation 70 000 EUR - size of the plaque: 100 x 33 cm


Reserve a place to preserve your name in the Castle of Light

You may choose and reserve the floor or room in the Castle of Light where you wish to see your name displayed. Donations may be made immediately, using a credit card, or by direct deposit at a bank branch nearest you.

The immortalization of names in the new NLL building is guaranteed by the agreement “On the Reflection, in Informative Materials and the Interior of the National Library of Latvia Building, of Donors’ Support for the Development of the National Library of Latvia Project,” entered into by the Latvian National Library Foundation and the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

Information about the donation account:

Beneficiary: Latvijas Nacionālās bibliotēkas Atbalsta biedrība

Registration Nr.: 50008034971

Account Nr. : LV84HABA0551006763188

Beneficiary’s bank: Swedbank

Address: Balasta dambis 15, Riga, Latvia



Please CLICK on the picture below to look inside the Donor's book:

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