About us

The Latvian National Library Foundation is a public non-profit organization created in 1998 in order to promote the National Library of Latvia (NLL) building project and raise funds in Latvia and abroad.

The foundation consists of over 120 prominent people from Latvian society, representing the humanities, architecture, journalism, science, universities, the arts, the IT sector, and private business.

The Law on the National Library of Latvia states that the Foundation is represented in the project’s Supervisory Council. The law entitles the Foundation to raise funds.

The Latvian National Library Foundation organizes various campaigns to popularize the project and to raise funds for it. These have included projects to generate support for the library collection and its development, to acquire children’s books for Latvian libraries, and to release an educational computer game for children called “Raise the Castle of Light!”. The foundation has also organized excursions to the Castle of Light construction site, produced live broadcasts for its website, and immortalized donors’ names inside the Castle of Light.

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